Living Room Furniture : PRICE GIMMICK REVEALED

24 Jun

Here Is A List Of Major Living Room Vendors:

eBay, Best Buy, Amazon, Walmart, Wayfair, One Way Furniture, Sofamania.

If you just started to shop for a new sofa, you will realize that is not easy. This is why:

  • You will have to dig in different websites to find the category of sofa you are looking for:
    • Regular Sofa, Sectional Sofa, Victorian Chesterfield, Mid-Century, Recliner, Bed Sofa
  • Once you reach the category of sofa that you are looking for, you need to find the type of material you prefer:
    • Polyester Fabrics, Linen Fabrics, Genuine Leather, Faux Leather, Microfiber, Velvet.
  • Once you find the model that you like, you need to compare the prices among different vendors:
  • This is not easy because for a unique model, you have totally different names or partially different names, As an example, for the model above, here are the names:
    • Walmart : Coaster Company Monika Loveseat in chocolate
    • Amazon: Monika Stationary Sofa Chocolate
    • Wayfair: Munz Sofa
    • eBay: Coaster Monika Faux Leather In Chocolate

The Prices Secrets

The problem: If you do your search in Google, using the name «Munz Sofa»,  how can you get the price of the other vendor?

TIP : When Wayfair pretends : «Get more for less», it is 100% the truth,  YEP. Check below. Wayfair has the lowest price for the «Munz Sofa» because Wayfair is the only vendor of the «Munz Sofa»  (It is silly, but that is the way it is ... ! ). Visit the LIVING ROOM section and you will see this common denominator for almost all the products.

To complicate even more, some vendors are «out of stock». This is time consuming and frustrating. One other thing that is annoying me is the last tendency from Amazon. For certain product,  you have to look all over the place on its website to find what is the price. WHERE IS THE PRICE ?!?!  

Use the living room section To Get A Fast And Easy Way To Find What You are Looking For At The Lowest Price.

Jump with one CLICK to a website to another for a single model of furniture.

Note: The prices are changing constantly. Please click the links for each vendor to confirm quickly the latest price.


One Way Furniture$549.00





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